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How To Apply For A Rental Property

1. Find a Property

First, go to our ‘Find a Property’ search tool and view all available properties and search for one that suits your needs. Check that the property location is suitable, Close to Schools, Shops Public Transport?

2. Book an Inspection

Next, book an inspection and this can be done either by the contact form below the property on our website, by email or simply call us. Should you not be able to inspect the property in person or send someone on your behalf, you will be required to submit this form along with the Tenant Application.

2a. Request To Sign Tenancy Agreement For Unseen Property

If you cannot make a personal inspection of the property you can download the “Property Unseen Request Form” below

3. Submitting Your Application

After viewing your the property, you are then required to complete a  Rentals Tenant Application which you can download from our website. Please fill this out in its entirety and then simply return to us which can be done by, scanning and emailing, sent in by post, dropped off at our office in person or handed in at the inspection.

Download Tenancy Application Download Property Unseen Request

Fast Track Your Application – What To Include

There are a few things Luxe Property Management Services requires from you to fast track your tenancy application.

  1. Photo Identification
  2. Additional Identification Documents. 100 point validation. These documents include:
  • 70 Points – Passport
  • 70 Points – Birth Certificate
  • 40 Points – Driver’s License/Proof of Age Card/Other Government issued Photo ID
  • 25 Points – Motor Vehicle Registration Papers
  • 25 Points – Two recent Pay Advices (mandatory)
  • 25 Points – Copy of utility account (electricity/gas/phone) in your name
  • 25 Points – Two rent receipts/tenant ledger from current rental
  • 25 Points – Rates Notice
  • 25 Points – Bank Statement.

Processing Your Application

Luxe Property Management Services will generally process your application within 48 hours and notify you if you have been successful. Our process includes contacting your referees nominated on your application, so make sure the contact details you provide are the best for that person. We will also:

  • Check your identification to ensure that all details are correct
  • Undertake a basic affordability test to make sure that the rent is within your means;
  • Contact your employer to ensure your employment and income details are current and correct
  • Check against a national tenancy database for any past discrepancies in rental payments or prior property damage
  • Forward approved applications to the property owner for a final decision on which application to progress.

Once your application has been successful, we then ask that you come to our office to finalise all relevant paperwork and arrange collection of the keys, in addition payment of the bond and rent. Please allow 45 minutes for this appointment as we will need to explain all your tenancy details thoroughly